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About Jackie

The works on the site are some of the projects I have done in the past 30 years.

The question I asked myself is why I would do this-why do I think anyone would be interested in my work. Funny question for me to ask because I have participated in many exhibitions. At home and away. My short form is 3 pages, about 10 solos. So why the question now. I have no answer except maybe for the same reason I worked on the images in the first place. Just did.


"Jackie Cytrynbaum's photographs are visual notations of fleeting moments composed of memory and light. An artist - like all artists - haunted by visions, she uses her lens to transform them into painterly compositions that speak as much of her immediate surroundings as they do of our collective psyche..."

"Captured with exquisite sensitivity, Jackie's photographic images are technically accomplished without ever losing their powerful emotional component. They are unique and provoke in a subtle way..."

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