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Music in the Metro


I hear rhythm and movement in the metro. 


The Metro invokes a variety of emotions. The speed, the propulsion of the trains, the metal carriages that transport strangers together in an underground world to work, home, an evening of fun, a visit to a sick friend, or wherever. Sometimes, alone at night in a deserted station, there is a sense of trepidation if not outright fear.  At times the crowds are so thick and hurry so fast that one almost feels swept away with them.


But there is a rhythm, a song, and music within the metro. The crescendo as the trains approach, the accelerando as they depart and disappear into the darkness. The soft sounds of the bells that sing “do-so-me.”

Waiting in a station at the end of a line, watching trains circle back to return and repeat their journey is like being inside a rondo. The melodies of the trains go round and round.


Combining two images into one is like writing a song. One image is the melody; the other is the harmony.

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