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Intimate Floral

Intimate Florals

Flowers have been studied, painted, drawn, photographed, used, boiled, cooked, sneezed at, dissected, eaten, revered, and enjoyed with the senses of sight, smell, taste, and touch. We send flowers to funerals –we use them to brighten a room-to bring happiness-we give them to loved ones-to the sick –we use them to say we care-to say congratulations- to acknowledge something well done.


We do this when they are in bloom, when they are at their prettiest, when they are at the height of their splendor.


It is in the transformation of their form as each day passes that is of interest to me. I watch them change by the hour and find each phase has beauty, its own worth, and its own personality. The colour fades, the frills are gone, and we are left with the core, the essence. I see them as individuals. I want the flowers to speak to each other-to relate-to feel-to emote, and as they stand side by side, I see an intimacy one can have after a lengthy relationship, after just spending a lifetime together. They can be lovers, or friends, or family.

I make no mention of the particular name or species of flower because for me it is irrelevant.

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